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Amy Smith
Assistant Women's Coach Missouri

Bill Lorenzen
Assistant Women's Coach Ohio State

Caleb Phillips
Assistant Women's Coach, University of Iowa

Chuck Dickerson
Assistant Women's Coach Unversity of Kentucky

Doug Day
Head Women's Coach, Air Force Academy

Jeff Graba
University of Utah Women's Assistant Coach

Jeff Hunt
Assistant Coach, Southern Utah University

Jennifer White
Head Coach, University of Wisconsin Whitewater Women’s Team

John Figuoroa
Head Women's Coach, University of Missouri

Kevin Mazeika
2004 Olympic Team Coach

Lauren Mareno
Head Women's Coach, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Mary Lee Tracy
Women's Olympic Team Coach

Robert Taylor
Dance Instructor and American Idol finalist

Scott Vetere
Assistant Men's Coach, University of Michigan

Talya Vexler
Former Assistant Coach, University of Iowa Women’s Team

Todd Henry
North Carolina State Women’s Assistant Coach

Tom Forster
World Championship Coach and National Team Clinician

Vitaly Marinich
Head coach at the U.S. Olympic Training Center