Application - Visiting Coach

Must be 18 yrs old at camp time

Please fill out form items completely. This application must be submitted by March 1st in order to be considered for camp. You will receive notification of staff decisions by April 1st.

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1. May 27-June 1
2. June 3-8
3. June 10-15
4. June 17-22
5. June 24-29
6. July 1-6
7. July 8-13
8. July 15-20
9. July 22-27
10. July 29-August 3
11. August 5-10
12. October 26-28
13. November 2-4
14. November 9-11

Please provide us with three references, your current boss/employer, a second business reference that would be familiar with your coaching style and experience, and a third reference that is more personal.

Current Employer Reference


Second Business Reference:


Personal Reference



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I give Flip Fest full authorization to do a background check on me, including criminal record checks. I confirm that the above application is true and correct. I also understand that the position of Visiting Coach is a volunteer (not paid) position and if chosen by Flip Fest, my position is at will and can be terminated if deemed necessary by camp management.

I have read the policies and terms above regarding my application submission.